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Personal Color Consulting

The colors of our clothing determine our non-verbal communication.


Harmonizing color bring out your type.
You appear more aglow, more attractive, more friendly, more dynamic.


Colors communicate in a gentle way. Harmonic colors „center“ you, express you, and give you self-confidence.


Harmonizing colors support you. Color is a frequency, a power that gives you power when properly employed.

What a Personal Holistic Color Consultation includes:

Preliminary: history of color consulting, characteristics of color, your color preferences
Color analysis: ascertaining your harmonic color season through personal experience, your individual best hues with notes made on your personal color card: style, accessories, hair color, make-up suggestions.
Color and personality: effects of color, conscious use of colors (job/private), color combinations, energy colors.
Length: approx. 2 ½ hours

A personal holistic color consulting gives you YOUR knowledge regarding the colors for YOUR life.
Wearing your personal, harmonic colors is a valuable way of raising your energy field, thus strengthening your immunity and overall health.

Gabrielle M. Buresch-Teichmann was one of the first 3 Color Consultants in Vienna – began consulting in 1987 – thus a pioneer of Color Consulting in Austria. Also trains Holistic Color Consultants.

Make-up Consulting

Radiate the harmonic maquillage colors for your type. Can be booked separately or as part of Color Analysis.
Length: approx. 45 minutes

Gabrielle M. Buresch-Teichmann held seminars and trainings for 3 years for Parco France - Lancôme – Austria.

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