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Rikke Godthjaelp


Therapist for more than 20 years. Teaching AuriculoTherapy/Ear Acupuncture, AuriculoMedicine, ChromoTherapy and Posturology since 2010. She created an education curriculum in 2014 and in 2020 this education became the first RAB-Approved AuriculoTherapy /Ear Acupuncture Education in Denmark. Founder of GODTHJÆLP Institute - a clinic, school and research facility in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Domicele Johauskaite PhD


Dr Domicele Jonauskaite is an experimental colour psychologist, studying cognitive and affective connotations of colour. Her studies are based on scientifically valid approaches, which allows her to validate or debunk myths in colour psychology. More recently, she has expanded her research to aesthetics and art. Dr Jonauskaite is currently based at the University of Vienna in Austria. Previously, she obtained a PhD degree in Psychology from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Her research positions have been supported by two career fellowship grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation. Together with Christine Mohr, Déborah Epicoco, and Nele Dael, they have founded the Colour Experience platform ( designed to disseminate scientifically validated empirical research on psychological effects of colour. She is also co-authoring blog posts for Psychology Today (

Nathan Oxenfeld


Certified Bates Method Teacher and founder of Integral Eyesight Improvement. Author of Give Up Your Glasses For Good, host of The Naked Eye Podcast and The Better Eyesight Podcast, and producer of the new documentary „Vision 2020“: From Eyesight To Insight.

Lien Potgieter

South Africa

Lien Potgieter is a communication specialist, colour therapist and creativity consultant. She is an idea-a-minute kind of creative and loves to use colour to help people live a healthier happier life and co-create with the Universe. Lien published the book Get Color Conscious and Transform Your Experiences, and offers colour readings and personal development consultations online.

Dr. Kaustav Sengupta


Dr. Sengupta is an Academician, Color Spiritualist, Historian and social worker. In the past 2 decades, he has published more than 30 articles, papers, chapters etc., and is credited with two theories in the domain of color psychology and social-ecosystem. He has been interviewed by BBC UK and multiple media groups. Kaustav is on the board of studies of two institutions and has been heading a national project on forecasting, as Insights Director. His doctoral study is in the domain of color and how it impacts young people in India. Kaustav is the Founder of Color Association of India, a national body of color researchers. He is also the Founder Trustee (Honorary) of InkLink Charitable Trust, an NGO that enables creative education for crime-affected and underprivileged children in India. InkLInk (recognized by UNICEF) runs a make-shift not-for-profit street-school project fondly called as ‘morning lights’ for past 8 years in India and been able to engage more than 2850 children till date. His deep study and practices on color and it's role in spiritual wellbeing have enabled him to conduct multiple 'Color-Karma' (Copyright protected) workshops across the nation.

Read more about him at

Qualification: Ph.D., Masters of Design, Bachelor of Science, PGP-AI, Diploma in Fine Arts.

Gabrielle M. Buresch-Teichmann

HDipCTh; A

Holistic Color Consultant, Color/Light Therapist with 30+ years of experience, European Pioneer of Color and Light since 1989. International speaker based in Vienna, Austria. Author. Systemic constellations facillitator. Founder and CEO of the Color Lights world project.

Montaha Hidefi


A renowned Color Archaeologist™, founder of Color Landing Studio, VP of Color Forecasting at CMG, VP of CRSC and Consultant with The ChemQuest Group. Over 20 years of international experience in color and trends research, color forecasting, portfolio ideation, marketing, coatings, specialty chemicals, and special effect pigments. Author, writer and public speaker.

Christiane Werzowa


Working with color and light for more than 30 years. Color Consultant, Color/light therapist, inventor of the ColoredLightPyramid, founder and CEO of „Institut für Farbe und Stil“ and „CHORAM light.trans.forms“ based in Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Jeffrey Bruno


Dr. Jeffrey Bruno, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist practicing in Pacifica, CA, U.S.A. ( He provides integrative mental health care to children and adults.  Jeffrey is an author (2014) of "Eat Light & Feel Bright," and a senior practitioner of Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT).

Markus Wunderlich


Markus Wunderlich, DE, alternative practitioner, born 1962 in Munich, son of Peter Mandel, director of the International Mandel Institute, owner of the health practice Mandel/Wunderlich, 1990 - 1992 training as alternative practitioner in Munich, also in Munich assistant from 1992 - 1993, opening of the first own practice in 1993, training in Esogetic Medicine, Training in Kinesiology/NLP, lecturer in Esogetic Medicine for ETD and Color Puncture according to Peter Mandel, director of the training and further education institute for therapists in Germany/Switzerland, partner and therapist in the joint practice Mandel /Wunderlich in Bruchsal, managing director of ESOGETICS, motorcyclist, hiking enthusiast and France lover.

Stress - Restlessness - Insomnia

Treatments with color puncture and crystal therapy according to Peter Mandel
We experience an ever-increasing sensory overload and at the same time feel overwhelmed. We are often exposed to stress and anger in our professional or private lives and are helpless in the face of the crises of the world. This can lead to symptoms such as depression, states of exhaustion, but also physiological complaints such as sleep disorders, headaches, stomach cramps or physical dysfunctions.

Markus Wunderlich shows in his lecture the approach of Esogetic Medicine and Color Puncture, linking the new scientific findings of brain research with empirical observation and the resulting therapies.

Simple therapeutic possibilities are shown, which can be directly implemented in practice.

Samya Ilaria di Donato

Samya Ilaria Di Donato , Writer and Researcher
I don't remember my life before Colours. I just don't. But when Colours saved my life in 2001, they changed myself and my perception of the world. I was country manager of an International Company and President of the Italian Association of Image Consultants, I left everything to find myself. Since then I wrote over 26 books about all my research in Colours and Kabbalah, Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, Bible, Fairy Tale, Templar Knights and symbolic/esoteric meaning of the Colours, and I developed the Coloranima software based on Pythagorean numerology and the Fibonacci sequence.

I’m a business counselor, inspirational trainer in chrome-disciplines, talent consultant. Creator of many projects that aim to improve people's lives through colour.I’m a curious, eclectic researcher of the causes of life. I want to share my knowledge with the world.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe

Doc of Detox, World Healing & Training


Pierre Van Obberghen


Pierre Van Obberghen is the founder of the ISCTCP, the International School of Color Therapy and Color Psychology. He is the creator of the “Professional Color Test”, also called “Personal Chromatic Profile”.

He is a pioneer in the field of color therapy and color psychology. His deep and intuitive understanding of color symbolism has provided novel tools that are helping us to connect at a deeper level with our clients. His work has inspired color psychologists and color therapists around the world, as well as numerous artists and healers.

He is trained in acupuncture, homeopathy, psychotherapy and holotropic breathwork. He is also an artist and a graphic designer, his paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in contemporary art museums in France and abroad.

Constance Hart


Color Therapy Visionary Constance Hart is the Founder of Conscious Colors and the creator of the Color Aroma Color Therapy System. She has over 30 years teaching experience and is a sought-after speaker/writer/consultant. Constance offers a comprehensive Color Therapy Certification Course, as well as training in the healing arts. Her trainees and clients include professional practitioners; counselors, nurses, mental health/yoga/massage/art therapists, as well as laypeople interested in holistic wellness.

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Olja Lopushansky


Director of Bioptron Netherlands.
Specializations: Quantum Hyperlight - Puncture, Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment, Holistic LIFE Coaching, Ayurvedic medicine, Chakra Psychology, Reiki, Yoga, Drama Therapy.

Dr. Alexander Wunsch


Dr. med. Alexander Wunsch is a light therapist, scientist and non-fiction author.  He researches and consults on the effects of light and radiation on humans and the environment and develops applications for the healthy use of natural and artificial light. With numerous publications, interviews and lectures at home and abroad, he has made the outstanding importance of light and colors for health and well-being accessible to a large number of people.

Nishant Akhail Matthews


Akhail is a therapist and color light researcher for over 30 years. He is the founder of Samassati Color therapy and author of 2 books. He is a mystic, friend, guide and meditator. He has been a counsellor for 45 years, color therapist for 30. Some part of Akhail is from the USA, and some not.

DDr.Ainhoa de Federico


Dr. Ainhoa de Federico is a Research Professor at the University of Toulouse, and Director of the Agâpés Master's of Health Education where she teaches Natural Vision Improvement. For over 20 years, she has been helping a growing number of people to see with their own eyes. In 2016, she created the first online course on Natural Vision Improvement in Spanish: 'Volver a Ver Claro'.

To date, she has helped more than 3 million people in over 200 countries to improve their vision naturally through her free classes, with hundreds of thousands of followers and thousands of students in more than 90 countries and in three languages: Spanish, French and English.

She recently launched a number of initiatives, including the 1st Online School for Visual Educators in the Spanish-speaking world, the 1st Forum on Natural Vision and Complementary Techniques ‘Visión Natural 2020 - Una nueva forma de ver’, and the "Global Vision Summit - Natural Vision 2020 - Bringing a New Vision to the World" with 30 speakers from 20 English-speaking countries, bringing natural vision to tens of thousands of people around the world.

Both events helped support the Niñ@s Visionari@s social project, which has already helped more than 250 children in underprivileged environments—where glasses and surgery are not available—to improve their vision in a natural way. Her intention is to have Natural Vision Improvement enter the public schooling system and in the meantime she is getting it to spread around the world.

Masako Shimizu


Masako Shimizu is color therapist in Japan, who has engaged in for more than 20 years, as also mentor, counselor for various industries.
She is the Representative of Judicial General Association of Color-therapist in Japan, manages her salon, Color Works, which gives healing space for mental & physic patients. Her research, she has handled for long time, is to make best of light & color  effectiveness and generalize this power in our normal life.

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